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FPIW's Legislative Update Conference Call Archive

Primary Election Update

By: FPIW Staff

The primary election has come and gone, but the results are still coming in. Looking at what we already know, there is a good chance that there will be changes to our state government, particularly in the …Read more here!

Executive Order: Bow to the Golden Image

By: Joseph Backholm

Yesterday, President Obama signed an executive order to prohibit the federal government from contracting with anyone who "discriminates" on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.   In …Read more here!

She Was for It Before She Was Against It

By: Joseph Backholm

Yesterday, in the United States Senate, Washington Sen. Patty Murray voted with fifty-five other Senators to roll back religious freedom.   Specifically, she voted for legislation that would force businesses like …Read more here!

Facts and Observations About the Same-Sex Family Study in Australia

By: FPIW Staff

We hear a lot of "a survey has found that..." or "studies prove that..." Public opinion has a big effect on issues that we face. But when presented with such surveys, studies, or polls, how do we know if all …Read more here!

Why Do Nuns Need Birth Control?

By: Joseph Backholm

When the Supreme Court released their decision inHobby Lobby v. Sebelius on Monday it started the race to understand what it means for the other challenges to the contraceptive mandate in …Read more here!

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